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About Friis Coffee

Our Story - Making Life Taste Better

At Friis, we love coffee as much as you do. And we know what rich, satisfying coffee means to you. Coffee is our passion. We develop and design our products to make your life taste better. It is our mission to enrich your coffee experience.

We craft each product with a combination of distinctive design and genuine value. The Friis Innovations Team works with the Friis Customer Panel to understand the little (but important) things in life and finds ways to make them better. We bring you solutions that make life taste better.

Founded in 2008 and located in the great state of Minnesota. Everyone at Friis is passionate about coffee and keeping that coffee fresh.


After creating the Coffee Vault Coffee Savor (we shortened it to Coffee Vault), we won some coffee industry awards and started winning media praise. View IN THE NEWS for more.

Over 1 million people each month search online for how to store coffee. It’s a big problem.
We know the Friis Coffee Vault is the solution.
Then it became our problem, how do we reach America with the solution?

We decided to launch a 15 sec TV ad. Its our way of introducing the Coffee Vault to America. We’ve sold the Coffee Vault all over the world and to every state in the US. But we’re still pretty small, growing and hoping to educate more.

This website, the TV ad, the Coffee Vault, this is our way of introducing the Friis Coffee Vault to Amercia.

The 15 Sec TV Ad

Taste the Difference in One Week

Keeps up to 16 oz (1 lb) (453 g) of whole bean or ground coffee fresh.
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